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Farm to Fork Strategy for Sustainable Food is at the heart of the Green Deal

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Est. Since 2018

The founders embarked on the rennovation and restoration of existing infrastructure and equipment which was completed by the end of 2018. Operations for the production of eggs were kickstarted in 2019 and continues up to now. Upgrading of the existing infrastructure and services is ongoing including the installation of addditional storage and grain milling capabilities.

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Low cost carbon neutral buildings

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Commercial layers

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Get fresh eggs daily

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Production premises

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Clean surroundings

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Serene environment

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Source Commodities

Procurement of grain and produce directly from local smallholders at fair market prices so that farmers can engage in meaningful and gainful employment to live decent lives.

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Mill Grain

Aggregation, sorting, storage and availability of on-site machinery for grinding maize, sorghum, millet and soya beans to be processed and packaged for human or animal consumption.

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Cultivation of unique partnerships with forward thinking corporates to originate and co-create a PoC or Scale-up to drive growth through fully data-driven systematized and ad hoc support.

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Our clients are

Local retail shops, families, schools, government agencies and non-profit entities in the nearby communities.

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About us

A private Ugandan enterprise engaged in the sustainable production of affordable nutritious foods and improving the nutritional value of existing products for BoP markets by developing resilient supply chains.

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